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Donation Requests

CCU’s Community Relations Committee meets monthly and fulfills numerous requests each year using the following parameters:

All requests must be in writing using CCU's Donation Request Form and directed to Cornerstone Credit Union, Attn: Community Relations Committee, 550 W Meadows DR, Freeport, Illinois, 61032. Attach supporting material if available.

Donation Requests Under $1,000

  • Requests from CCU members are given priority
  • Requests may be submitted from individuals, groups, tax exempt organizations recognized under IRS 501(c)(3) guidelines or by the Secretary of State as a non-profit organization within CCU membership counties (See Join Now/Eligibility)
  • Submitted requests must conform to credit union's mission and fulfill a strong community need 
  • Submitted requests for sectarian or religious purposes, for propagandizing, influencing elections or legislation, or for foundations seeking capital are not considered
  • Upon granting a donation request, additional donation requests limited to once per calendar year.

Donation Requests Above $1,000 

Requests for donations above $1,000 are granted quarterly. Groups are encouraged to request an exact budget amount, or a portion of a larger budget item. Cornerstone Credit Union donations typically do not exceed $1,000 per recipient per year

Complete CCU's Donation Request Form with the following information:

  • Purpose of requested funds
  • Amount requested
  • A total itemized project budget
  • Other funding sources solicited for the project