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Loan Rates

Loan Rates

Rates as of Jan. 1, 2022

New/Used Auto (2021 or newer) as low as 1.71%APR* 

Used Auto (2015-2018) as low as 4.00%APR*

Credit Card Special  1.99%APR* introductory rate

Debt Consolidation Loan Special as low as 3.99%APR*

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Get Rock Solid Advice from CCU. NEW EPISODE NOW LIVE!

Get "Rock Solid Advice" from CCU. NEW EPISODE NOW LIVE!

We’re excited to kick off the new year with another edition of Rock Solid Advice! Hosted by WSDR radio personality Tom Katz, our January interview included CCU Marketing Director Lorna Cote and special guest Scott Arnold, CCU’s VP of Lending, discussing home ownership and choosing a mortgage lender. Learn about the benefits of owning vs renting, tax deductions, and various mortgage options that will save you money and guide your decisions. Take a listen to this 10 minute chat for some good information from your local credit union. https://www.illinoisnewsnow.com/saukvalleynow/rock-solid-advice-with-cornerstone-credit-union/
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Video Library

Banks vs Credit Unions - What's the difference?
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All you need to know about the Metaverse and NFTs

All you need to know about the Metaverse and NFTs

January 25, 2022

If a time-traveler from the 19th century landed in your living room, you’d likely have a hard time explaining the way our world works – especially the way we deal with finances. Your visitor can watch as you hold an oblong object in your hands and proceed to order a full summer wardrobe, new bedroom furniture or maybe even airline tickets. Who would have imagined we’d be able to do all that and more or without ever touching a dollar bill, coin or even a credit card?

But the changes to the way we handle our money continue, and the world of finance evolves along with technology in the most incredible ways. Let’s take a look at two major innovations in the world of technology and finance, as well as how they may affect us in the very near future: the metaverse and NFTs.

BBB Warning: Covid-19 Website Rollout Scams

BBB Warning: Covid-19 Website Rollout Scams

January 20, 2022

Scammers expected to capitalize on federal government’s free Covid-19 test kit offer
Rockford, IL – January 19, 2022 – The government has rolled out their website to order free test kits that will start to be delivered in late January. Better Business Bureau is alerting the public that scammers are expected to create all kinds of cons to trick the public. “Since the very beginning of the pandemic, BBB has seen scams revolving around every type of COVID PPE, testing and vaccinations,” says Dennis Horton, director of the Rockford Regional Office of the Better Business Bureau. “With the website rollout, scammers have a new opportunity to con individuals into giving them private health, financial and insurance information. Do not fall for it.”

BBB has tips to help avoid these scams:

When the Chips are Down, Some Car Warranty Frauds May Rip You Off

When the Chips are Down, Some Car Warranty Frauds May Rip You Off

January 18, 2022

Rockford, IL – January 18, 2022 – Production of new cars is down, and prices are up. That situation has prompted many consumers who are in the market for a new vehicle to keep what they have. There are many highly rated and legitimate car warranty companies that provide valuable services. Consumers count on these safeguards to help cover repairs of major components, engines, transmissions, etc. Not all warranties are bogus, however these conditions have created the perfect opening for auto warranty scammers.

“Car warranty scammers try to take advantage of vehicle owners’ fears that, someday, they’ll have to pay a lot of money to replace a broken or worn-out part,” says Dennis Horton, director of the Rockford Regional Office of the Better Business Bureau.

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February 2

Groundhog Day


Groundhog Day is a popular observance in many parts of the United States. The official groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, lives at Gobbler’s Knob near Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. The town has attracted thousands of visitors over the years to experience various Groundhog Day events and activities on February 2. Started several thousand years ago, the tradition continues today as we wait for the animal's weather prediction on how long winter will last.
February 14

Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day! Show the special people in your life how much they matter. 
February 21

Presidents' Day - All CCU Branches CLOSED


President's Day was originally established in celebration of George Washington's birthday. In 1880, Congress voted to make it the first national holiday which honored an individual. Many states were already honoring Abraham Lincoln's birthday, February 12th, and this celebration was combined with George Washington's birthday, for one federal holiday. 

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